Sewing: A New Hobby for Kids

Many parents at this present time are sometimes worried about the safety of their children when they attend extracurricular activities or programs. Such is due to the fact that the number of crimes being committed nowadays is increasing. Thus, they often choose to let their child have activities that can be learned at home. Through such, they can be around during the time when their kids are learning. In addition, they also opt to choose activities that will be helpful in the future without depriving them of the opportunity to explore their creative side. With such in regard, most parents already encourage their children to try out sewing. It is a creative activity that can keep them busy while developing some motor and eye skills.


In the past, parents do not allow their children to hold any type of needle since people used to sew and embroider by hand. Hence, the danger of hurting oneself is very high. Similarly, they may also accidentally swallow the needle that they will use. As sewing machines became available, especially the computerized ones, in the market, engaging children in the activity became easier as well. It also sparked the interest of kids because of how the machine looks and works. However, as observed by parents who started involving their children in the activity, using adult sewing machines are not really helpful. One is because they have to regularly have it maintained and repaired by technicians. Such is due to the fact that kids are so curious and clumsy that they tend to touch anything that interests them. Second, there are times when some of the parts break because it is not being used properly. Last, children cannot explore all the functions and develop many skills since the machine is limiting them.


The great news is that there are already companies that are manufacturing sewing machines for kids. Some parents may think that the mini sewing machines are similar to such, however, they are not. Thus, they should be very careful that what they are buying are actually kids' sewing machines. These products have been designed in a way that children can use it with ease. Additionally, they are designed in a safe and secure manner. Their sizes are also created in a way that kids can carry it, as well as work on it comfortably. Many of their parts and function buttons are also easy to use and soft to touch.


Some of the best sewing machine for kids to learn the activity have light weights and have free arm capabilities, one which is the Janome FastlaneFuschia Basic Sewing Machine. It has ten built-in stitches and two needle positions that kids can choose from. It also has an accessory tray wherein sewing materials can be kept or stored. Another is the Singer 1304. It has an automatic bobbin winding system that is located in front of the machine. Similarly, it also has patterns that are printed in a clear and detailed manner. Similarly, such are very easy to follow. In addition, it has an embroidery capability, thus, children can learn how to follow and create embroider monograms.